Standard Websites


Do you have a website built for leads?


In today’s competitive business world, having a website built for generating leads is a very important marketing tool. As you’ll gain business on autopilot.

If you have a site without a leads capturing system, you will be losing many sales to your competitors. But with our help, a result-driven standard site is within your reach.

We can provide you a website with built-in leads capturing system. Your site will be produced to fit in with your business branding, targeted audience and so forth.

What if you currently have a website? In this case, we can actually provide the right tools for your current site to help boost your sales conversions.

                                 Generic website is not enough!
No matter what kind of marketing strategies you perform online or that are relevant to your internet marketing, just having a generic brochure-type website structure is not enough.
You definitely require a lead-generating focused site, which enables you to effectively presell and incentivise your website visitors, and also to highly convert visitors into paying customers.
Perhaps you don’t even have a website at all – which means you virtually have no “virtual home”, which would be an instant turn-off for most of your potential customers.
The fact is consumers are using their computers, smartphones and tablets more than ever to visit local business websites. So, having one in your arsenal and making it perform very well for you should be a top priority.
                                 Are you aware of this web stat?…
Statistically as studies have shown, 98% on average of visitors to a website will leave without ever turning into paying customers. Hence these prospects can end up going somewhere else, and this means to any of your competitors…
This is also why it’s important to have a lead-generating website that captures hot leads you would otherwise lose. You can then follow up with these leads to further educate them about your offers and build customer relationships. Therefore you can highly generate revenue.

Click below for demos of lead-generating sites:

Our standard sites include lead-generating web tools, website customisation and domain (site address) registration.

We also provide unlimited webpages, unlimited email accounts, video integration, mobile-ready sites, content management platform, social media integration and more!

We could easily adapt  to fulfil whatever are your specific needs for sure!
Remember, if you currently have a website, we can help to increase sales conversions on your existing site and have proven ways to achieve this. Get in touch for more details.