Mobile Websites

Why do you need a mobile website for business?

Since the iPhone was first introduced in 2007, the amount of smartphone users has continued to grow. With so many people now using it to access the web (for products and services), this presents a great opportunity for businesses with mobile-friendly websites.

mobile websites for local businesses

All standard websites can be accessed from smartphones. But the problem is they are not mainly designed or built for smartphone screens. 

Mobile-unfriendly sites are hard to read and navigate on smartphones. Key information is not prominently shown. Sites take too long to load. They also look messed up.

Besides, mobile users constantly zoom and slide their screen while browsing. This creates a frustrating user experience, as mobile users of today are rarely just surfing the web. They are looking to access specific information about your business very quickly. Otherwise they go elsewhere and this means you lose out to your competition.

Check out your website on a smartphone (e.g. iphone) and see what it looks like. If you are getting all or any one of the above mentioned problems, then your site is not mobile-friendly. Furthermore, here are 2 key reasons to be mobilised…

There’s now Mobile Search Engine Penalty:
Businesses whose websites are not mobile friendly or responsive will now get penalised by major search engine sites. This means consumers won’t be able to find the affected businesses via mobile internet searches. For instance, Google now penalises mobile-unfriendly sites by not ranking and displaying them on Google mobile search engine result pages. You see, they now place much more emphasis on mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. They want to effectively cater for the needs and convenience of smartphone users searching the internet through their handset.
There’s Negative Impact on Paid Adverts:
Are you aware of the importance of going mobile in relation to paid advertising? If you spend money on any paid media or running online advertising campaigns such as PPC (Pay Per Click), not having a mobile friendly site can hugely have a negative impact on your ROI (Return On Investment). As a high number of your website traffic or your targeted prospects will come from mobile devices. Therefore if you are paying to get customers, it makes perfect business sense to have a mobile optimised website.

 By having mobile-optimised version of your website…

        • your site will be ideal for profit pulling QR Code mobile marketing campaigns
        • it will get you highly targeted web leads and keen buyers via smartphones
        • it eliminates the need for your prospects to zoom or slide their phone screens
        • you will be able to acquire mobilised prospects ahead of your competition
        • mobile customers can load your website quickly and clearly view your details
        • your website pages get easier for mobilised visitors to access and navigate
        • will increase the average amount of time that mobile users spend on your site
        • customers are easily able to contact your business with ‘Tap To Call’ feature
        • your business can capture a lot of web traffic specifically coming from mobile
        • it will help you really achieve high rankings in Google mobile search results
        • your site will look very professional to captivate and grab mobilised customers

 Web stats – can your business afford to ignore them?

        • There are now over 5 billion mobile phone users around the world (CBS news)
        • 6 in 10 visitors to a mobile-unfriendly website will leave to go elsewhere (Google)
        • There are over 1 billion smartphone users globally (Strategy Analytics)
        • 62% of the entire adult population in the UK alone have a smartphone (Ofcom)
        • 80% of people who use the internet are smartphone owners (GlobalWebIndex)
        • 61% of local searches on a mobile phone leads to a phone call (Google)
        • 91% of all smartphone users have their phone with them 24/7 (Morgan Stanley)
        • 74% of smartphone users do shopping with their phones, 79%  end up as buyers
        • 70% of all mobile searches result in action within an hour (Mobile Marketer)
This certainly provides you with a great opportunity!

Mobile Web Design DemosAs you can see, you simply cannot miss this opportunity to generate more leads, customers and sales. Let a mobile-friendly website help you effectively grow your business. Starting today! 

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