(Frequently Asked Questions) 

   Why should I be marketing my local business online?

For any local businesses out there, having effective web presence is crucial and certainly a no brainer. It’s clearly obvious the internet is here to stay and will always be around.
Billions of people go online in search for information, products or services…
Local businesses that thoroughly embrace the power of the internet will benefit a great deal and leave their competition behind.
Surely if so many people are using the internet nowadays, your business could seriously benefit from generating more leads, customers and profits. It does not matter and should not come as a surprise that whatever products or services you provide, there are potential customers RIGHT NOW online searching for your offer.
As mentioned earlier there are billions of people worldwide searching on the web. With that said, you can visit (www.internetworldstats.com) for some staggering statistics.

Let me put a question to you. If you are serious about giving your local business more exposure, doesn’t it make sense to tap into where your potential customers are and put your business in front of them? Of course it makes sense!
Besides, by being online gives you an angle to constantly present your offer and generate business 24 hours a day. You can even acquire customers on autopilot.  So, it’s worth taking full advantage of this great opportunity.


   Is having a website ‘Good Enough’ to get customers?

The answer is absolutely no. Having an outdated, poor or nice looking website is certainly ‘not good enough’ online.
You actually need a high converting lead-capturing website and consistently get quality traffic to it. That’s right…you require a website that regularly captures targeted leads.
Besides, you need to create targeted traffic generation systems on an ongoing basis (across the web) that highly convert into sales. And all of these can easily be provided by a web marketing consultant.
The fact is most local business owners are very busy and have the day to day running of their business to focus on. A web marketing consultant can help you highly generate internet leads and customers…without you necessarily having to do it yourself…
You can easily save precious time as well as concentrate on running your business without the constant burden of generating customers online.
You will certainly be more productive and time-effective (in business) if you hire a web marketing consultant to help you steadily gain a flow of internet customers.


   I already have a site and listing with Yellow Pages.
Why do I require anything more?

Well, the sad fact is that many local businesses believe that all business service searches either begin or end with Yellow Pages….or at least it should be playing a crucial role. But let me be brutally honest here and speak out against such beliefs as outdated…
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that being on Yellow Pages is a bad idea. But in today’s internet obsessed world, it would only represent such a small minority (in terms of relevance) when it comes to effectively achieving results. And I’m referring to the volume of targeted leads and sales your business generates from it.
faq-webPeople nowadays highly use the internet search engines (like Google) to meet their needs.
Just being on Yellow Pages is no longer enough to regularly gain web customers. You need more than that.
And having a targeted leads generating system in place is now more crucial than ever before to properly grow your business online.
In terms of owning a website, a free site can be very unproductive. In fact, it means nothing. There are ample amount of opportunities to get a free website online. Just search Google using the keyword term ‘Free Website’ and they are all over the place.
On the other hand, spending money on a site can also be of no real value whatsoever. You see, the thing to bear in mind is not just about having a website online but what you do with it and what value it brings to your business.
It’s pointless having a free website that does not regularly bring you customers. It’s also worthless spending a fortune on a nicely designed website that doesn’t bring you any leads. Then again, you can easily invest in a low cost website and regularly generate customers.
So, the key is to have a high converting lead-capturing website plus regular internet marketing activities.
And if you don’t have a business website or online listing that consistently brings you customers, it’s worthless to say the least…
That’s why hiring the services of a web marketing consultant is massively valuable. Because they can provide you with quality customer-getting website and online marketing to help you solidly grow your business.


   What marketing methods you’ll use for my business?

We actually use a wide range of online marketing strategies. The ones we use for your business will depend upon your requirements.
We offer a free consultation where we’ll determine what you require and then we’ll put together an online marketing strategy to suit it. Whether that’s content marketing, lead-generation, helping you to get the most out of paid search marketing or whatever.
As we tailor our services to meet the needs of each business, the costs could vary significantly. During your free consultation, we’ll do a thorough analysis of where you stand right now and what you hope to achieve. We may also focus initially on one thing specific for your business.


   Why should I consider you for my web marketing?

What we do well is providing results-driven websites and effective web marketing. This means we can help you gain more leads, customers and of course more sales. If we could be of assistance, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We would be more than glad to offer our help.